Mary Cay's studio is located in Aurora CO and open by appointment.  


Private lessons

Mary Cay  is available to take students for private or

semiprivate art lessons.


For more information or for a studio tour contact Mary Cay

at caymary@gmail.com.

Glaze Workshop-A Primer

Mary Cay is available to teach this four day workshop which is a basic course in glazing.  Students learn the vocabulary of ceramic glazing, glaze mixing and glaze tests are made and analyzed.  Depending upon the desired outcomes, either a triaxial blend or the Robin Hopper method of color development are assigned.  Additionally, students receive a resource manual, that includes information on safety, methods of firing, color development and more.

"Fiesta"  This is a lovely Cone 6 oxidation

glaze was named after the Fiestaware

pottery but contains no lead.

"Fiesta" on three different clay bodies

Chestnut, Aspen (cone 6 porcelain) and 4010

Andy and Lisa with their

Triaxial Blend glaze tests.