Pendant by Mary Cay


Kiln Jewels can be used with Precious Metal Clay and any other clay body. Kiln Jewels are special gems that range in size from less than one centimeter to two centimeters.  They are made from ceramic glaze materials and have been fired to 2350 degrees Fahrenheit (cone 10) so there is no cracking from being reheated in the kiln.  The Kiln Jewels have an effervescent look which often times changes after a firing. 


Candice Kiesow of  Denver fired her ring using the following schedule:

"I used PMC3 and fired them at 1110 degrees for 30 minutes, and let the kiln cool all the way down without peeking.  The colors totally held.  Those I've showed the pieces to loved the colors."



Pendant by                              Ring by

Maurine Maker                        Candice Kiesow


Ring by

Nana Mizushima


Mary Cay's Kiln Jewels are available for $4.00 each or 10 jewels for $30.00.  You may purchase through Pay Pal, personal check or money order.  For check or money orders, the Jewels are shipped as soon as payment clears.  Pay Pal payments are shipped immediately.   Click here to purchase.



Variegated Cornflower Blue Kiln Jewels


Close-up of Kiln Jewel showing effervescent quality


Aquamarine Kiln Jewels